Distal Femoral Osteotomy Plate

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At the latest follow-up visit at 2 years after surgery, with respect to medical scores, each the Knee harm and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score and International Knee Documentation Committee subjective rating improved from 318 to 447 and fifty two to 86, respectively. The KOOS showed that there was a significant enchancment in symptoms, pain, sports activities, and quality of life. As with all surgical procedures, distal femoral osteotomy may be associated with certain problems corresponding to infection, blood clots, delayed or nonunion of the bone and accidents to the encompassing blood vessels. The DFOS system includes implants to appropriate several distal femoral circumstances, such as flexion contractures and varus/valgus deformities. The instrumentation includes a pin information and cut guides to assist with more precise osteotomies and implant placement. Regarding the facet, thirteen sufferers underwent left femur osteotomies, 12 underwent right femur osteotomies, and 1 affected person underwent a bilateral osteotomy, totaling 27 distal femoral osteotomies.

As a part of the planning for a distal femoral osteotomy, we prefer to put most of our patients right into a lateral compartment unloader brace. These braces assist push the burden towards the within of the knee, and by doing so, they may help function a wonderful display screen to find out if a patient would profit from a distal femoral osteotomy. In our hands, virtually all patients who benefit from the use of a lateral unloader brace do very properly with a later carried out distal femoral osteotomy and are in a position to right the knock knee situation. Examining each the mechanical and anatomic axes is a crucial consideration before surgical procedure.


The calculated angle of correction in levels determines the amount of wedge opening. The geometric triangle method is often used, measuring the space on a dimension-calibrated radiograph.four This is used as the initial intraoperative measurement and confirmed intraoperatively with radiographic and visible inspection of lengthy leg alignment. A complete of 26 sufferers who underwent a distal femoral osteotomy with medial closing-wedge from 2002 to 2013 had been evaluated. One of the sufferers was submitted to bilateral osteotomy, with a complete of 27 operated knees. Treatment with medial closing-wedge distal femoral osteotomy sustained the proposed correction in patients with as much as 15 years of observe-up. A total of 26 sufferers submitted to medial closing-wedge distal femoral osteotomy from 2002 to 2013 have been evaluated.

Care also needs to be taken to acquire an ideal anteroposterior fluoroscopic view of the distal femur to make sure that angular malalignment just isn’t created. The calculated wedge dimension must be equal to the distance between the two units of wires. These wires additionally serve as a boundary to information the saw blade and ensure that over-resection does not occur. The patient is positioned supine on a radiolucent table to allow radiographic evaluation from the hip to the ankle. The patient undergoes preparation and draping with the lower leg positioned in a stockinet and wrapped in adherent wrap to a place simply distal to the tibial tubercle.

distal femoral osteotomy

Survival charges of the different treatment options diverge noticeably after a comply with-up of 10 years. A observe-up of more than 5 years for the cDFO is at present not described in literature. The physiotherapists will see you and allow you to to mobilise utilizing crutches after the operation.

Osteotomies For The Knee: Indications, Innovative Technique And Outcomes

The success charges for lateral meniscal transplants and cartilage resurfacing procedures are a lot much less if the valgus alignment just isn’t corrected with the surgical process . Overall, there is a high reoperation price in patients with DFOs, commonly because of the need for hardware removing or, at later time points, conversion to whole knee arthroplasty. In this inhabitants, the speed of conversion to arthroplasty will likely be considerably lowered. Cameron et al.7 reported a 92% survival fee at midterm in their sequence of patients undergoing lateral opening-wedge osteotomy for joint preservation, which was considerably better than outcomes documented in sufferers undergoing osteotomy for lateral compartment arthritis. An osteotomy is a surgical procedure that entails cutting and reshaping of a bone.

The osteotomy is then gently relaxed right into a closed place in a managed method to keep away from lateral cortical fracture . If resistance is encountered with wedge closure, a blunt radiopaque instrument corresponding to a freer elevator or the curved edge of a metallic ruler could also be used to palpate the anterior and posterior edges of the osteotomy to ensure that the osteotomy has been absolutely accomplished. After this confirmation, if continued resistance is encountered, K-wires or a small drill could also be used to gently perforate and slightly weaken the lateral cortex to assist the wedge closure beneath fluoroscopic steerage. The alignment rod is then used to substantiate the specified alignment between the center of the femoral head, the specified position at the knee joint, and the middle of the ankle joint . Depicted is an arthroscopic view of the lateral compartment of the knee from the anterolateral portal.

Bony fusion was achieved six months after surgery, and he could play several sports activities exercise. In varus deformities, osteotomies were often carried out within the tibia, with valgus deformities predominantly handled with femoral procedures. However, it has become widespread follow to carry out a deformity evaluation utilizing a long standing radiograph to determine the origin of deformity prior to surgical procedure , since varus deformities could be localized both within the tibia or within the femur . In the case of femoral malalignment, a excessive tibial osteotomy leads to a pathological indirect knee joint line with increased shear forces and vice versa in the case of a tibial malalignment and femoral correction . Clinical and biomechanical studies point out that if the postoperative knee joint line is not physiologically aligned, this results in a poor outcome . In general, most U.S. surgeons perform an opening wedge distal femoral osteotomy to realign the knee.

A distal femoral osteotomy is recommended in case you have a genu valgus deformity inflicting degeneration in the outer a part of the knee. The third most common cause for a distal femoral osteotomy is in sufferers who’ve a chronic MCL tear who’re in valgus alignment. It is felt that if the valgus alignment is not corrected with a reconstruction of a persistent MCL tear, that there is a a lot larger risk the MCL tear will stretch out. The patient is within the supine place, with the surgeon viewing the proper leg from the left side of the patient. An intraoperative photograph reveals the medial cortex of the femur with K-wires placed to guide the osteotomy cuts. Care is taken to make sure that the K-wires are perpendicular to the long axis of the femur and parallel to one another.

Distal Femoral Varus Osteotomy For The Valgus Knee After Distal Femoral Progress Plate Fractures In Children: A Case Report

At Neosteo we believe that, given price efficient implant expertise and improved implant design, extra clinicians will integrate our options into their apply and assist affected person to get well early mobility. The new generation of implants developed by Neosteo permits an immediate weight bearing and a quick return of the mobility of the affected person. Developed in cooperation with the medical occupation actors, it allows the medical group to save lots of surgical time and facilitates its handling.